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Bridging the Generations for Love or Money
How to bridge the generation gap and effectively communicate with Seniors about money, home and family.

Presented by
Barbara E. Friesner

Hosted at the following locations:


Are you struggling to help your aging loved one(s)?

Does the idea of talking with your aging loved one(s) about things like home, family, or finances make you anxious or frustrated?

Are you finding it far more difficult and time consuming than you ever imagined?

Does it sometimes feel like talking with them is like talking with someone from an alternate universe?

Then you can't afford to miss this seminar!

In this fascinating and fun program you'll learn:

Why Baby Boomers and their Vicky-D parents have such opposite attitudes and expectations about things like home, money, and family

How to build trust and prevent communication meltdowns

Practical tactics to successfully bridge the generations and save you time, money, and stress

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